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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I see the usage I have left?
    You can check through your online portal – this will help you to keep track of your spending
  • How do I see my bills?
    You’ll have access to your own online portal, so you can check your usage and access your bills at any time
  • How long does the transfer of my number take?
    The transfer of your number will take place on a day that is suitable for yourself and is an instant process*. As soon as you lose signal from your old network, you will be up and running on your new one immediately *sometimes there are network issues which may delay the process.
  • Can I keep my existing number?
    Of course! We’ll help you obtain a PAC code from your current network which will allow you to transfer your existing number
  • What do I do if I travel abroad?
    Call us on 01952 897030 at least 24 hours before you travel and we can discuss your options
  • When do I pay my bill?
    We’ll discuss dates during the initial sign-up process, and you’ll pay by Direct Debit
  • What is the IMEI number of my device?
    This is a unique identifier for your device – just dial #06# from your handset
  • Why is my first bill higher than expected?
    Your first bill will be pro-rata and include charges for a month’s line rental (plus any usage prior to the start of the billing cycle)
  • How do I change my allowances?
    Just call us on 01952 897030 to discuss your options

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